Match And Day Ticket Rules

General rules (random bailiff inspections carried out)

Both landing nets and keep nets must be opened out on bank on arrival at peg until no earlier than 15 minutes before start of the match. Nets must be completely dry but if in any doubt whatsoever, please ask and we will lend you nets for the duration of the match.

Maximum hook size 10. All hooks must 

be barbless.

All feeder pellets must be purchased on-site. Any pellet can be used on the hook.

Free-running Method and Pellet Feeders are allowed.

No floating baits are allowed, whatsoever.

Fish to be unhooked, either by suspending in landing nets or on unhooking mats

Never leave rods/poles unattended

Minimum of two keepnets. Maximum allowable weight per keep net is 60 lb. Silvers and small carp (1/2lb or under) in one net, larger carp in another net.

Our own weigh sling/weigh bucket must be used at all times at the weigh in.

Apart from matches, keepnets are not allowed at any time.

We operate a strict catch and immediate release policy.  Fish must not be kept in containers or taken from the site at any time and fish must be handled with utmost care.

If photos are taken, fish must be held close to ground level and suspended over unhooking mats and returned to the water as soon as ever possible.

Please do not throw any unused bait onto the banks (to prevent vermin) or into into the water.

Never handle fish with rags or placed on hard or sharp surfaces.

Indicators must be used at all times (floats, feeders. leads etc., are all classed as indicators). Indicators must be in the water at all times when fishing and not suspended out of the water. 

Please do not mix groundbait with water from other fisheries.

Unlike many fisheries, mugging is not banned unless, of course, it is used intentionally for foul hooking.

Baits allowed:- 

Maggots, Casters, Macaroni, Luncheon Meat (two tins maximum), Sweetcorn, Worms, Boilies, hooker pellet of any type, Prawns, Groundbait (maximum 1kg) sinking Bread (only allowed between Nov 1st and  1st March)

Baits not allowed:-

Hemp,  Cat or dog meat. Summer use of bread whether floating or sinking  (between 1st March and 31st October), 

Any other bait not shown above.

Additional rules for night anglers

Above rules also apply to night anglers in addition to the f0llowing rules.

Night fishing is only allowed on the Specimen Lake of Brook Pool (both subject to availability).

Our own Landing nets must be used. If you require a specimen type landing net then we will ask you for a £5 deposit which will be refunded when the net is returned to us.

We do not allow the use of bait boats, spodding and the use of spod mix. This is due to many complaints from other anglers regarding the amount of bait being used and the nuisance factor of bait boats.

Maximum 2 rods.

Strictly no floating baits allowed.

If you wish to hire our fishing hut, for prices and rules, please click onto the separate menu (on our home page header).

Unless otherwise agreed, earliest arrival time is 3pm.

Miscellaneous (but still important) rules 

Litter - Litter is an absolute disgrace. Anyone found discarding litter on the banks, pools or worse still, into hedges or brambles can expect either a ban or a serious ticking off. You have been warned! Please use the bins provided for your litter.

On grounds of safety, strictly no children under 16 are allowed around the pools without being accompanied by adults.

Fishing with a maximum of 2 rods at all times.

No shouting or swearing across the pools

Please pay before fishing  (you are being watched)

All our nets are to be returned to the net storage point near the cafe. If you look around, you will spot our new security cameras!

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