Friday 20th July 2018 – open on match lake
1stLeon Haldron1664lb 4ozCarp to 5lbPellet and corn mixed bag, shallow with margins
2ndAdam Butler3745lb 4ozCarp to 5lbCorn and paste mixed bag to margins and island
3rdDillon Johnson4541lb 13ozCarp to 5lb, F1's and SilversPaste and pellet, 16m and margins
Saturday 14th July 2018 – open on match lake
1stPaul Padmore454lb 14oz
2ndDillon Johnson 2145lb 8ozF1's, Stockers and Carp to 4lbMeat, paste and pellet to island and 6m and margins
3rdJohn Bagley3741lb 13ozF1's and Carp to 4lbShort on paste on open water
Friday 13th July 2018 – open on match lake
1stPaul Padmore2046lb 3ozCarp to 4lb the rest Stockies and SilverPaste top 2 and margin
2ndSteve Burrus1241lb 8ozStockies and Carp to 5lbMeat margins
3rdPaul Lawrence439lb 13oz
Saturday 6th July 2018 – open on match pool
1stJohn Bagley4238lb 11ozF1's, Stockies and small Carp to 2lbmeat on longline and shallow
2ndDave Johnson1737lb 10ozF1's, Skimmers, Stockers & Carp to 4lbpellet and paste on longline in open water
3rdPaul Lawrence1334lb 8ozStockies and carp up to 6lbpaste and open water
Friday 5th July 2018 – open to match pool
1stPhill Watts2084lb 8ozMainly Carp and few F1's, Skimmers & IdePellet to open water and caster to margins
2ndDave Hobbis4545lb 4ozCarp up to 4lbPellet to open water and meat and corn down margins, mixed bag
3rdReiss Neath1643lb 1ozCarp up to 5lbCaster and worm to island (mixed bag)
Friday 29th June 2018 – open on match pool
1stReiss Neath1232lb 13ozCarp to 3 1/2lbworm and caster to island open water
2ndAndy Bishop1730lb 2ozCarp to 5lbPellet mixed bag on longline in shallow open water
3rdDave Johnson2029lb 4ozMainly F1's, Stockies and Silverspaste and pellet mixed bag to margins
Wednesday 27th June 2018 – open on brook pool
1stJohn Bagley2233lb 0ozCarp up to 2lb, F1's and Stockies17m shallow and pellets
2ndDave Hobbis2026lb 1ozCarp to 3lb 13m pellet and mixed bag, maggot on deck
3rdPeter Waters1525lb 4ozisland and reed bed, pellet, mid depth
Wednesday 20th June 2018 – open
1stMark Pinch1525lb 2ozCarp to 2lbBanded pellet 5m all day long on deck with mixed bag
2ndMike Hales2215lb 6ozSilvers and F1'sBanded pellet and maggot on deck
3rdChris Furnival1514lb 8ozSilvers, F1's and Carp to 3lbTop 3 maggots and pellets in open water and on deck
Friday 22nd June 2018 – open
1stReiss Neath4564lb 6ozCarp up to 7lbIsland
2ndSam Parker4058lb 0ozSkimmers to 3lbMaggot and pellet mixed bag
3rdSteve Burrus12209lb 4ozCarp to 6lb and F1'sIsland
Saturday 23rd June 2018 – open
1stKevin Williams2040lb 4ozCarp up to 8lbCorn down margins 5m
2ndDillon Johnson3738lb 1ozSilvers and F1'sMixed bag, 5m and 14m on deck, pellet and meat
3rdJohn Bagley4231lb 10ozF1's, Stockies and Carp to 4lb
Friday 15th June 2018 – open
1stSam Parker16196lb 4ozCarp to 9lb Worm caster in water on short and long lines
2ndMatt Djukio4065lb 12ozPellets 14m on deck and up in water on long line and maggot to margins
3rdPaul Lawrence540lb 4ozCarp to 6lb, bulk were StockiesPaste to margins on deck
Wednesday 13th June 2018 – open
1stChris Jeavons4421lb 7oz
2ndLen Waters4020lb 2ozSilvers and Stockies3m on deck, mixed bag, maggot over depth
3rdMike Hales4615lb 11ozSilvers and StockiesMixed bag to island with pellets
Sunday 11th June 2018 – club match on match lake
1stJon Row834lb 13oz
2ndMat Sheasper4018lb 3oz
3rdAndy May5016lb 3oz
Friday 8th June 2018 – open on match lake
1stSam Parker1646lb 6ozF'1s and StockiesPellets on longline on margins, shallow
2ndAndy Newton4543lb 6ozStockies, F1's and carp to 10lbCorn and 16m to island
3rdDean Hobbis4927lb 8ozStockies and Silvers Pellet and corn to island
Sunday 3rd June 2018 – York rd AC
1stDavid Bird6101lb 4ozCarp to 8lbMaggots and pellets on longline in open water
2ndRoger Brown 834lb 7oz16 Varp up to 4lb, 1 F1's and SilversWorms and pellets 4 sections out and margins
3rdClive Buckall1026lb 0ozCarp up to 5lbPellet shallow and 13m out
Friday 1st June 2018 – open on match pool
1stAndy Welding1726lb 8ozPellet 13m down margins
2ndRot Gaudley1524lb 6ozChopped worm on longline and caster on deck
3rdDave Johnson4917lb 15ozPellet and paste to margins
Wednesday 30th May 2018
1stRob Dibney1520lb 2oz Meat and pelllet to open water and reed bed
2ndChris Walters2819lb 1ozF1's and Stockies145m to island on meat
3rdPeter Walters2316lb 15ozMaggots and pellets 14.5m and margins
Friday 25th May 2018 – open
1stMatt Djukic4248lb 4ozCarp up to 5lbpellets on longline on deck
2ndSteve Burrus2040lb 14ozCarp up to 6lbMeat on short line on deck
3rdChris Furnival2016lb 15ozCarp up to 4lb and SilversIsland and margins, red maggots on deck
Wednesday 23rd May 2018 – open on brook pool
1stPeter Waters2035lb 13ozMaggot and pellet near top island up in water
2ndReiss Neath2419lb 14ozCorn up on water
3rdMike Hughes2819lb 14oz
Friday 18th May 2018 – open
1stReiss Neath1731lb 12ozMeat shallow, long line in open water
2ndAndy Penn1231lb 8ozPellet on deck, margins and island
3rdBarry Buckley3719lb 10ozMargins corn and meat close on
Wednesday 16th May – open on match pool
1stChris Phipps4211lb 4oz
2ndSteve Sadler458lb 15oz
3rdDavid Hinton128lb 3oz
Friday 11th May 2108 – afternoon
1stReiss Neath842lb 13ozCaster and worm up in water, open water
2ndMark Pinch4542lb 13ozBanded and pellet on deck 7m out
3rdPaul Padmore1727lb 4oz
Wednesday 9th May 2018 – open
1stJohn Bagley4633lb 8ozPellet and corn in margins and island up in water
2ndPeter Waters2029lb 0ozPellet and maggot in open water and margins
3rdMike Hales1028lb 12ozPellet and corn over pellet in open water only
Saturday 5th May 2018 – open
1stKevin WIlliams921lb 8oz
2ndPaul Padmore1218lb 13oz
3rdRob Molpass511lb 0oz
Friday 4th May 2018 – open
1stGareth Stacey4666lb 15ozCarp to 10lb and 1 SkimmerDead maggot, margins all match
2ndMatt Djukio4451lbPellet and shallow to island and meat 5 sections
3rdMatt Keen1045lb 11ozVarious Caro to 9lb and 1 SkimmerPellet to island
Wednesday 2nd May 2018 – open
1stLen Waters2021lb 8ozSmall Silvers and CarpMaggot bonded up in open water
2ndPaul Lawrence518lb 5ozSilvers, Stockies and 11 Carp up to 4lbMaggot up in open water
3rdChris Walters218lb 0ozSkimmers and StockiesMaggot and pellet to open water
Friday 27th April 2018 – afternoon open
1stMatt Djukic4066lb 7ozCarp up to 10lbBonded 6mm pellet fed all on bottom, margins, mixed bag of maggots
2ndMark Pinch4346lb 4ozBonded 4mm pellet on deck all 7m
3rdSteve Burrus434lb 6oz
Wednesday 25th April 2018 – open
1stAndy Varden2029lb 10oz
2ndPeter Waters1226lb 12oz
3rdNigel Partridge4323lb 6oz
Saturday 21st April 2018 – open on brook pool
1stPaul Lawrence51lb 4ozUp in water
2ndJason Attwell45lb 13ozCorn to island
3rdGlen Gelder45lb 2ozCorn to island
Saturday 14th April 2018 – open on brook pool
1stKevin Williams2217lb 1oz
2ndTrevor Newley208lb 30z
3rdSteve Taylor283lb 4oz
Wednesday 11th April 2018 – open on match lake
1stLen Waters1731lb 3oz5 sections out and single maggot
2ndAndy Bullock1219lb 7ozMaggot on pole to island
3rdPeter Water4218lb 3ozMaggot to island
Saturday 7th April 2018 – charity event on mach pool
1stTerry Homer4026lb 9ozCarp to 5lb and Skimmers
2ndDillon Johnson2015lb 7oz
3rdMatt Keen3714lb 3oz
Saturday 7th April 2018 – charity event on brook pool
1stKevin Williams2427lb 14oz
2ndJason Attwell2220lb 14oz
3rdPaul Gelder2817lb 3ozCarp to 8lb 5oz
Saturday 9th September 2017 – open on match pool
1stAndy Morrison4846lb 8ozCarp, new carp and new f1'sCaster & worm
2ndDavid Johnson 4544lb 4ozCarpPellet and paste
3rdCliff Richards1242lb 8ozCarpCorn and maggots to island
Saturday 2nd September 2017 – open on match pool
1stAndy Morrison3451lb 1ozCarp, new carp and new f1'sCaster and worm
2ndCliff Richards1643lb 10ozCarpShallow to island on expanders
3rdDavid Johnson (Dillon)3743lb 10ozCarp & F1'sPellet down edge
Sunday 27th August 2017 – open on match pool
1stAndy Morrison4386lb 4ozCarp, new carp and new f1'sCaster and worm
2ndDave Johnson (Dillon)1648lb 9ozCarp and f1'sPellet
3rdPaul Padmore3747lb 0ozLarge carpedge on meat
Saturday 19th August 2017 – open on match lake
1stAndy Morrison4574lb 8ozCarp and new carp & new f1'sCaster & worm to island
2ndCraig Cartridge4854lb 0ozCarp, new carp and new f1'sCaster & worm
3rdKevin Williams3746lb 10ozCarp and silvers
Saturday 12th August 2017 – open on match lake
Saturday 5th August – open on match lake
1stAndy Morrison1664lb 8ozNew f1's & carp, and larger carp and f1'Worm to island
2ndAndrew Penn2034lb 6ozCarp and f1'sPellet to island
3rdJohn Bagley834lb 0ozCarp and f1'sMeat
Saturday 22nd July 2017 o pen on match pool
1stKevin Williams157lb 2ozCarp and f1's
2ndJohn Bagley456lb 14ozCarp
3rdDave Johnson (Dillon)4543lb 10ozCarp and f1's
Friday evening – 21st July 2017 on match lake
1stSteve Burns594lb 8ozCarp and some silversMeat and pellet
2ndJohn Wiles851lb 0ozCarpCorn and pellet
3rdAdam Heath1245lb 10ozCarpPellet
Saturday 15th July 2017 – open on match pool
1stJohn Bagley4567lb 8ozCarp and silvers
2ndMick Dudley2045lb 9ozCarp
3rdKevin Williams1626lb 1ozSmall carp and silvers
Wednesday open – 12th July 2017 on match pool
1stPeter Walters4656lb 0ozCarpPellet up in the water
2ndSteve Sadler1639lb 0ozCarpPellet & corn up in the water
3rdJason Wright4427lb 4ozCarp and silversPellet and worm up in the water
Saturday 1st July 2017 – open match on match pool
1stGary Haywood1250lb 8oz
2ndJohn Bagley848lb 10oz
3rdKevin Williams2231lb 4oz
Friday evening open – 30th June 2017 on match pool
1stAdam Heath4470lb 4ozCarpPellet
2ndMark Wiles4067lb 4ozCarpDouble corn in margins
3rdSteve Burrows (Club 2000 Fishing Tackle)1353lb 5ozCarp Meat
Friday evening – 16th June 2017 on match pool
1stAdam Jones171lb 10zSmall carpshallow by lilies on pellet
2ndLeon Haldron458lb 12ozCarpPellet shallow
3rdMark Wiles1233lb 8ozCarpMacaroni on bottom
Wednesday open- 16th June 2017 on match pool
1stReiss Neath2050lb 2oz
2ndSteve Sadler1225lb 4oz
3rdGary Clarke1623lb 4oz
Friday evening open – 9th June 2017 on match pool
1stLeon Haldron486lb 8ozCarpPellets to island and margins
2ndGary Clarke (Sensas Strike)3347lb 8ozCarp and silversMeat and corn to island and margins
3rdAndy Green2431lb 6ozCarpSweetcorn to rushes
Wednesday open – 24th May 2017 on match pool
1stReiss Neath4258lb 6ozCarp Meat and pole shallow
2ndPeter Walters4550lb 15ozCarpPellet on pole to island
3rdSteve Sadler1735lb 12ozCarpPellet feeder to island
Wednesday open – 17th May 2017 on match pool
1stSteve Sadler1241lb 7ozCarpPellet to island and maggot down margins
2ndPeter Walters3837lb 11ozCarpPellet, mainly down margins
3rdSelwyn Owens4530lb 0ozMeat over pellet & worm
Saturday open – 13th May 2017 on match pool
1stRichard Knowles1639lb 1ozCarp and silvers
2ndDave Johnson (Dillon)4238lb 8ozCarp
3rdTerry Homer432lb 3ozCarp
Wednesday open – 10th May 2017, match pool
1stTerry Homer4566lb 14ozCarp and silversPellet to islands
2ndRichard Knowles3058lb 14ozCarpPellet to island
3rdReiss Neath1630lb 8ozCarp
Saturday 6th May 2017 – open on brook pool
1stShawn Street2240lb 4ozCarpMaggot to island
2ndTerry Homer2032lb 2ozCarpPellets to island
3rdRichard Knowles620lb 5ozCarp & F1'sPellet to island on pole
Wednesday open – 3rd May 2017 on match pool
1stAndy Newton1249lb 10ozCarpWorm & caster on deck and in open water
2ndMiles Davison138lb 8ozCarpMeat on pole near island
3rdChris Walters831lb 8ozCarp and silversWorm & caster
29th April 2017 – Open on match pool
1stTerry Homer4264lb 8ozCarp and silversPole and pellet at 13m
2ndTrevor Neway59lb 4oz12Carp to 9lbCorn and pellet on pole
3rdReiss Neath529lb 0ozSilvers & carpCaster shallow on pole
15th April 2017 – Open on mach pool
1stAndrew Penn1272lb 8ozCarpMargins, pellet and corn
2ndWayne Stokes458lb 12ozMainly carp and f1'sPellet to island
3rdPaul Padmore1750lb 6ozcarpMeat in margins
8th April 2017 – Open on brook pool
1stDave Johnson (Dillon)2242lb 12ozMainly carpMicros feed, corn & pellet on hook
2ndDave Johnson627lb 8ozMainly carpCorn and pellet
3rdReiss Neath1825lb 4oz
1st April 2017 – Open on match pool
1stTerry Homer560lb 0ozmainly carp & f1'sPellets on pole
2ndKevin Williams2038lb 0ozMainly skimmers, roach & small carpMaggot on hook, pellet feed
3rdReiss Neath4027lb 8ozSmall carp & silversMaggot on pole
9th April 2017 – St Francis Angling Club – match pool
1stWayne Hall543lb 1ozCarp Margins on maggot & pellet shallow
2ndLee Wilson4527lb 11ozcarp & silversShort on pellet and corn
3rdMark Rathbone1627lb 9ozCarp & SilversShort on pellet and corn
Saturday 25th March 2017 – Open on match pool & brook pool
1stReiss Neath2051lb 4ozCarpMaggot and pellet on waggler to island
2ndAdam Rumble1639lb 2ozcarpmaggot & pellet
3rdLindon4017lb 12ozCarp & Sliversmaggot on lead