Open Match – 4th October 2015 – Brook Pool

Weights were very competitive this weekend, with less than 3lb separating top 3 positions! 

Carp were caught predominantly on longer lines and were not so active in the edge. Dave, the match winner, caught steadily throughout the match on a small pellet feeder fished towards the island in front of him on peg 6. Using micros in the feeder, and a short hook length, he was able to tuck his hook pellet inside his feed pellet and get tight to the far island. When fishing a feeder tight to islands, be sure to react quickly to bites to ensure that you can get the fish safely away from any potential snags. If there is one there, a carp will find it! 

Close second was Kevin on peg 4. He fished predominantly at 16m tight to the island in front of him. Feeding micros and 4mm pellet and fishing on a small piece of corn (he intentionally chose the smallest piece he could find for the hook) he managed to catch carp and f1’s, and a couple of carp came from his margin swim later on in the afternoon.

  • 1st Dave Downes Peg 6          45lb 4oz
  • 2nd Kevin Williams peg 4     44lb 11oz
  • 3rd A. Newton Peg 22            42lb 13oz


Top tips - 

Longer lines on the brook pool are producing better results at the moment than the closer lines 

Fishing pellet and corn is a top technique for the carp and F1’s 

A pellet feeder is a fantastic technique for fishing close to islands when they are just out of pole reach 

span class=”s1″>Remember to step up your gear when fishing against islands to be able to move the fish quickly (but safely) away from the bank edge and any potential snags




– It is our big charity match a week on Sunday! (18th October) Find out more information on our others events page! Please book in before attending. We look forward to seeing you then!

Tight lines